Spring is coming fast. We have a little over a month left to run the dogs before the snow leaves so we are getting out there and making the most of it. The days are getting longer with about 11 hours of daylight now and it is getting quite warm in the afternoons.


This past weekend we finally got back out to Minto Flats since all the snowstorms. We took our tent to set up spring training camp. Here we can run the yearlings from home and get them dialed in to camping and doing multiple runs. Along the way, we ran into one of our neighbors that decided to come rest the dogs with us. You can see the three teams above and tent all set up in the photo above. On our way back home we ran into another neighbor who was on a little solo trip with his dogs.. he spent the night at the camp. We plan to do a few trips out here before the snow and ice melt next month. It is a great opportunity for the younger dogs to get used to the rest/run schedules of racing in a less stressful setting than an actual race.


We spent the rest of the weekend running the puppy teams and they are turning out to be some great dogs.. Thanks to Cim & Corrine, Aaron, and Brent for splitting these great litters with us.


On Monday we got  a visit from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.. seems they are still after Paige.. not really, but we made friends with the RCMP officers in Pelly and one of them, Mitch and his wife Merl came for a visit and to bring us a cd of photos from the Quest.. We had a nice visit and took them out to see the country side by dog team. Thanks for stopping in to visit and thanks for the donation towards the kibble fund.. we and the dogs appreciate it! If your reading this Mitch, please send us your contact info so we can visit when we come through Whitehorse!


So spring has many possibilities ahead, we may run a race at the end of the month in the Yukon Flats, we may do the Denali Highway, we may be running to hot springs, and we definitely will be following the caribou herds up north. Check back to see what the next month brings… plenty of at our own pace adventure!