Meet the Dogs

Meet the Dogs of Squid Acres Kennel

Click on dogs’ photos or names to learn more about these amazing canine athletes. Do you have a favorite? You can sponsor a dog for a year by clicking the link at the end of his or her bio. Learn more about Dog Sponsorships on the Support Page.

The Lead Dogs

These dogs have proven that they have what it takes to be a lead dog while racing!
They are the driving force of the team, have plenty of race experience, and they get us where we need to go on the trail.

You can Sponsor a Leader for a Year for $5oo

The Team Dogs

These dogs are just as integral as lead dogs. Without a team, where would we be?
There are some amazing athletes are in this group and most are likely to make the race teams.

You can Sponsor a Team Dog for a year for $250

Retired Dogs (and Our Cats)

These dogs have retired from racing. They may be couch dogs or puppy walkers or may still like to run, just not at a racing pace.
Our cats that live with a team of Alaskan huskies deserve some recognition here, too!

You can Sponsor a Retiree (or a cat) for a year for $100