Team Squid Racing

team squid racing

The Yukon Quest 1000-mile international sled dog race from Whitehorse (Yukon Territory) to Fairbanks (Alaska). The startline in Whitehorse. At -35C the breath of the excited and dogs hangs in the air while the dogs take off. Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Feb 2, 2019


Team Squid Racing is an ever evolving team of talented Alaskan Huskies. When asked in the beginning, we always said that we were never going to race, that just being out there exploring with the dogs is what it is all about. A few years later, it is still all about being out on the trail and spending time with the dogs. However, racing has added a little more of a challenge to the experience. It has allowed us to push ourselves and our team in ways that we never thought we were capable of, but we are! Races allow us to set goals and then focus on the dogs to reach these goals. This has changed our lives to be even more centered on the dogs. The dogs cannot compete at this level without 24/7 attention and this in turn, enriches all of our lives.  The past few years we have been entering as many races as possible, with some amazing runs in races such as the Solstice 100, Gin Gin 200, Two Rivers 200, Copper Basin 300, Yukon Quest 300, Kuskokwim 300, Yukon Quest 1000 and the Iditarod. 

The past few years, the kennel has been doing well in the larger races. Paige has finished in the top ten of Iditarod and the Yukon Quest multiple times. Paige also received the Vet’s Choice Award in both the 2017 Yukon Quest and 2017 Copper Basin 300 and the sportsmanship award in the 2012 Yukon Quest. Cody has been in the top ten of the Yukon Quest and received the veterinarians choice award.  Cody also received the vet’s choice award in the 2013 Copper Basin 300. In 2016, Cody and Paige became the first married couple to both complete both 1000 mile races in the same season. Please follow along to see how the season progresses. The best way to follow races while they are happening is on our Facebook page where the handler will update as much as possible with photos and videos from checkpoints. Below are slideshows from recent races.

Past Race Results

2023 Kuskokwim 300 – Paige – 13th

2023 Copper Basin 300 – Paige 6th place and Vet’s Choice Award

2023 Yukon Quest 550 – Cody – 4th place

2022 Copper Basin 300 – Paige – 4th place,  Dylan Robbins – 7th and rookie of the year.

2022 Yukon Quest 200 – 2nd place with Dylan Robbins

2022 Iditarod – Paige 20th place.

2021 Iditarod – (Paige) – 19th, (Cody) – 20th.

2020 Iditarod – Paige – 7th Place.

2020 Yukon Quest – (Cody) – 3rd Place and Veterinarians Choice Award.

2020 Kuskokwim 300- Paige – 14th with team of young dogs.

2019 Iditarod (Paige) – 7th and Most Improved Musher Award.

2019 Yukon Quest (Paige) – 6th, (Cody) – 12th with team of young dogs.

2019 Copper Basin 300 (Paige) – 9th, (Cody) – 16th, (Eli Hedgecock) – 23rd

2018 Iditarod (Cody) – 29th, 11 days 9 hours 26 minutes and 47 seconds.

2018 Yukon Quest (Paige) – 900 miles to Breaburn in second place. Scratch

2017 Iditarod (Cody) – 30th, 9 days, 14 hours, 29 minutes = fastest 1000 mile finish for Team Squid!

2017 Yukon Quest (Paige) – 4th and Veterinarians Choice Award,  10 days, 16 hours, 22 minutes.

2017 Copper Basin 300 (Paige) – 2nd and Veterinarians Choice Award, (Cody) – 5th

2016 First married couple to complete both 1000 mile races in the same season.

2016 Iditarod (Cody) – 42nd, 10 days, 15 hours, 53 minutes.  (Paige) – 43rd, 10 days, 15 hours, 54 min.

2016 Yukon Quest (Paige) – 14th, 11 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes, (Cody) – 15th, 11 days, 14 hours, 58 min.

2015 Iditarod (Paige) – 27th photo albums: AnchorageFairbanksNenanaManleyTananaElim , Safety , Nome

2015 Yukon Quest (Cody) – 600 miles to Eagle, scratch.  See photo album ,  Pelly Crossing

2015 Copper Basin 300 (Paige) – 9th, (Cody) – 10th.  See photo album.

2015 Gin Gin 200 (Paige) – 5th, (Cody) – 7th.  See photo album.

2014 Chatanika 200 (Cody) – 7th see photo album

2014 Iditarod (Paige) – 25th see photo album

2014 Yukon Quest (Cody) scratched at Braeburn for the wellness of the dogs, was in 4th place 900 miles into race at time. see photo album

2014 Copper Basin 300 (Paige) – 9th (Cody) – 10th see photo album

2014 Knik 100 (Tamara Rose with our youngsters) – 4th

2013 Iditarod (Paige) – 34th  

2013 Yukon Quest 1000 (Cody) – 15th see photo album

2013 Copper Basin 300 (Cody) – 9th and Vet’s Choice Award!

2013 Top of the World 350 (Paige) – 15th (Cody) – 16th.

2012 Yukon Quest 1000  (Paige) – 14th & Sportsmanship Award!   See photo album

2012 Two Rivers 200 (Cody) – 5th   See photo album

2011 Solstice 100 (Cody) –  6th    (Paige) – 8th

2011 Copper Basin 300 (Cody) – 28th   See photo album

2011 Yukon Quest 300 (Paige) – 6th   See photo album

2010 Yukon Quest 300 (Paige) – 5th

2010 Two Rivers 200 (Cody) – 6th

2009 Gin Gin 200 (Paige)- 7th in womens division, (Cody) – 18th in Mens division

Yukon Quest