Well maybe not fully recovered…We are still playing with a bug we managed to pick up in Pelly. But we are back to running dogs and happy to report that everyone is happy and healthy and running sound. The dogs that were dropped were dragging Cody around before I even finished the race so everyone is good. We have been running the yearlings with the race dogs and the teams are looking really good. This past weekend, we had almost 2 feet of snow which made for a fun weekend. We harness broke our 8 puppies and they did amazing.


We have many people to thank, without which, this race would not have happened, namely Clint and Sarah, who loaned me 2 incredible dogs that were happy and barking the entire way. Clint was running the 1000 mile race at the same time and I ended up at a couple of the checkpoints with him. As he would ready his team to leave, his dogs in my team were screaming to go too! They recognized their friends from afar and wondered why they  weren’t with them. Maybe that’s why we were going so fast??


A huge thanks also goes to Jeff and Laura who took care of the house and the pooches who were left behind. They did a great job caring for the rowdy dogs left behind and even had dinner waiting for us when we got home. Man we are lucky people:) Also thanks to Springer and Lisa for exercising some of the ones left behind on a couple sled runs.


And lastly thanks to my greatest fan and best handler a person could ask for, my awesome husband Cody! He did a great job updating the blog and keeping everyone informed of our progress. He also sweated the whole time trying to get my form signed. Sorry babe, next time I will read all of the paperwork 🙂