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We’d like to thank our one of our newest sponsors Windstream Poweer LLC for coming on board with Squid Acres Kennel. They have generously set us up with one of their human power generators to help us keep our small 12 volt battery bank all charged up. We live off grid here in Eureka and use very little power at our remote dog camp. The power we use is for recharging headlamp batteries, satellite phone batteries and internet for communications and entertainment. Once in a while we splurge and grind some coffee or make a smoothie with the blender, otherwise all of cooking is with propane and our heat is wood. We use an efficient gas generator to charge our battery bank so we can go a day or so without running the generator and if we need to run some power tools we fire up the generator. With the new addition of the human power generator, we can pedal away while updating the blog on the ipad and we can be creating power directly from our dinner! Very cool indeed. This will hopefully allow us to cut down on the amount of gas we use in the generator.  I think we forgot to mention this duty to the handler 😉 . Also, last year Cody hurt his knee pretty bad on a pre Yukon Quest run and has been working to rehabilitate it all summer with a stationary bike. Now he can work out the knee and make power!

Cody gets a chance to do some cardio training and knee rehab while charging out battery bank.

Cody gets a chance to do some cardio training and knee rehab while charging our battery bank.

Windstream Power primarily builds small power generators for use in wind turbines and other applications that turn physical motion into power. Our brains are already coming up with all kinds of ideas for the use of these generators. By this time next year you may see one attached to a puppy wheel,  so the energetic pups can make some power while they get their kicks on the wheel. Cody is also scheming some gadgets on sleds such as a snow powered paddle turbine that can attach to a sled to create power while going over the snow  to charge equipment on expeditions.  We are very excited to be working with Windstream Power and have them on our team. Please check out their website.