Dog yardThe dog line at our camp. we were set up on a lake and drilled hole in ice for dog water.

The team bringing in another load of dog food.


There are 100’s of caribou right over that ridge.. now what to do with 26 raging dogs.


The teams chillin while we stalk a small herd of caribou.


Cody lost his bed to Stout during the windstorm.


We rotated the pups through the tent to dry out and hang during the blizzard.
Goober in bed with Paige, Stout warming her bed from below and Bleeker doing his sleep sit.


A panoramic of camp at start of blizzard. by morning, dogs had a foot of snow on their backs…
it acted as insulation and kept them warm.


Dogs waiting semi-patiently while we glass for caribou and a good route to the valley floor.


Paige and Stout chillin in camp.


Spam!YUM.. SPAM.. need I say more?


The gang hanging in the snowtrekker, Paige, Phoebe, Chris and Scott.


Remnants of a nice caribou skull with our team in the distance.


Taking a load back to the truck at the end of the trip.
Wind blew in our original trail we broke, so they had to break it all out again.


Days like this are just amazing.. what we dream of alllllll year!