Paige left Carmacks this morning at about 4:30 am with 10 screaming dogs.  She decided to drop Ursa and TJ Maxx because they were not as amped to go as the others and were slowing the team down a bit. She left in 3rd place and hopefully she can maintain the position till the end. Gerry Willomitzer and Ed Hopkins, both Quest 1000 mile veterans, left several hours earlier and she likely will not even see them at checkpoints before the end. Her next stop is McCabe Creek which is a short 40ish mile run. She will stay there for a few hours and and then hit the trail again. McCabe Creek is not a true checkpoint, but a rather a dog drop and hospitality stop at a farm where they provide meals and rest to the weary travelers. I won’t be able to update again until we hit Pelly Crossing later today.  I have lots of photos and video that we will post later, but internet signal strength has been low since the internet is satellite set up for the race and there are many official race and media uploads continuously going.