So we decided to load up all the dogs and all of Thomas and Megan’s dogs (~40) and head out for spring break. Since we had the old and the young we decided to base out of the Wild and Free Mushing camp in Eureka, AK. Thanks to Brent, Kyla and Casey for the Hospitality! Here we were able to do some great runs with all the yearling integrated into the teams to get them out on some longer days with some short race style camping. Here is a little abbreviated recap of spring break.


The view on Eureka Dome

On the first day at Eureka, Thomas, Cody and Paige took 3 teams and headed out for the trip to the village of Rampart. Rampart is located on the banks of the Yukon river and has only a handful of year round inhabitants. It is used mostly as a seasonal fish camp now adays. The run was 30 miles up over Eureka dome and down through the beautiful Minook valley. We ran into Rampart, took a quick look around as we scooped the loop and headed back out of town to let the dogs rest. Here we caught some zzzzs of our own. After a couple hours rest the dogs were ready to continue the 30 miles back. All the yearlings did great!

Thomas’s team in Rampart on bank of Yukon River


The whole team is resting.. including Thomas in his sled. That blue thing is a person.


The next day we ran puppy teams on the extensive zig zagging mining trails in Eureka. It is great to get the pups out on new trails with lots of options so they learn to be excited to go anywhere! That night we hooked up 4 teams for a night expedition to Hutlinana hot springs. We had a great run into the hot springs under an almost full moon. We snacked and camped the dogs near the springs and enjoyed a nice soak and beverage.. now that is the way to train dogs to camp! After a couple hours at the springs, we loaded up the sleds and continued the loop back to Eureka. It was an awesome night all around.

Hooking up 4 teams for blue bird run.


We spent the next day recouperating and running puppy teams. The following day we did a nice loop toward Manley with 4 teams quick before M & T had to leave. Paige and Cody stayed around a couple more days to watch the Wild and Free dogs left bhind as the rest were running a large expedition in the Brooks Range. The temperatures warmed up.. way to warm to run dogs so we did lots of puppy runs and free runs before returning to normal life. I talked to dad after returning and mentioned that I was trying to adjust to normal life again… he said, “is your life ever normal?”… normal to us I guess.