Today is the Iditarod Picnic and the first day of sign ups for the 2014 race. In our last post, Paige shared the news that she will be running the Iditarod again in 2014 as a tribute to our dog Dorado.  The first day of Iditarod signups is kind of like the start of the new year for dog mushers. We will now put all of our energy towards the upcoming season and making it even better than the last. This includes fundraising efforts for the 2013-2014 racing season. This means it is time to start the dog sponsorships over for the upcoming season. First of all, we must thank all the folks who sponsored dogs last year.  We would like to thank all of the following for their generous donations to team through dog sponsorships:

Holly Carroll – Stout, Wiseman, Gwiinzee

Sterling Strathe and Pat Marinac – Elmer and Nukluk

Cindy Morehart – Sable and Windsor

Phoebe Gilbert and Chris Ciancibelli – Frenchy

Tamar Rose – Dundee

Ann Harwood – Dorado

Nathan Orie and Homeroom 210 – Kraken

Lisa Kangas – Solo

Lisa Baraff – Gypsy

Peter and Daun Rueter – Little Maggie

Marilyn Beaverstock – Zoolander and Stumpy

Duth D’Amico – Blue Steel

Jayne Strathe – Magnum and Keetna

Carol and Ray Hander – Old Crow, Gwich’in, and Oz

Ryan and Lissa Hughes – Boron and Bunny Boots

Ton Ton Drobny – Skinny Jeans

Lisa Strecker – Rowdy

Anne Gourlay – Lucy

and last, but certainly not least…  Natalie Monacci – Yogi and Keetna

It has been so much fun having you all as part of the team for the past year!

If you are interested in sponsoring a dog for the upcoming season, please visit “THE SLED DOGS” . You can pick a dog and donate instantly via the paypal button, or you can mail a check to us with the dogs’s name in the memo. The later method is preferred as paypal takes a small cut for their service. Either is fine and appreciated! Which every way you chose to donate, please make sure to include you address so we can thank you properly!  Even though Dorado is no longer with us, we have had people who have asked to donate in his memory. Feel free to do so, it will be used directly for Iditarod expenses this year to spread his ashes on the trail and make sure that ITC has made the appropriate changes to their dropped dog program. If you would like to make donation in memory of Dorado, please contact us.  Thanks again for all of your help! We are looking forward to a fantastic year!