Well folks, as usual, plans have changed. We had a few too many dog on the injured list lately. Nothing very serious, just wrists and shoulders that weren’t very happy but enough problems that we didn’t have enough dogs for 2 full teams in the Sheep Mountain 150. The Sheep Mountain 150 is a fast paced race in  very moutainous trerrain. That trail has the possiblilty of causing even more problems for our dogs so we decided we could put one team into that race or bring the whole gang out to Two Rivers for the Solstice 100 race and give them the chance to show us what they working with. We will be running two 11 dog teams instead here. The race starts later this morning and goes from the Pleasant Valley Store to the Angel Creek Lodge. Here we will have a 4 hour layover while enjoying a burger at the lodge. Then we will have a 50 mile run back to Pleasant Valley Store and should be done sometime after midnight.  You can follow along on the Two Rivers Mushers Facebook Fan Page. It is open to the public to view.We will not have anyone updating the blog from the trail on this race, but we’ll tell about it afterwards.