Dogsled expedition near Denali

Exploring the Alaska wilderness from the runners of a dogsled is amazing and what Team Squid lives for.  We originally got into dogs for this purpose, to be able to travel across the great state when it is frozen and possible to go almost anywhere. Since 2006, we have seen some amazing places and wildlife. We have experienced some amazing and powerful feelings while traveling with our dogs. Racing is amazing, but we sometimes forget to stop smell the roses. Expeditions allow us to experience all that travelling in winter has to offer and allows us to have a laid back way to bond with our dogs while still facing some enormous challenges at times. The time spent on these expeditions with our dogs is invaluable and in our minds, is the best race training. Below are slideshows from several past extended trips with our dogs. We offer a variety of custom dogsled expeditions that can meet the needs of your private group. Contact us to design a custom dogsled expedition near Denali for your group.