Summer is flying by.

by Squid Acres Kennel on July 16, 2012

From Left to Right: Gwich’in, Gwiinzii, and Old Crow.


Well this summer is flying by and we have lots to report. First of all there are new puppies. Panda and Windsor are parents to the most beautiful puppies we have ever seen. We split this liter with a friend of ours in Old Crow so we have one boy and two girls. Since half of the pups were going to Old Crow, we figured we would give these pups names from where the others were going; Old Crow, Gwich’in and Gwiinzii. Gwiinzii was the runt and she is still small and cute and this name fits her perfectly. It means ‘good’ in Gwich’in and is something our friend says a lot!


Boron puppy sitting.



Boron is about 4 months old now and is a monster! He came from Brent Sass’ kennel where the rest of his siblings still are. He is talkative and sassy and has all of the adults, dogs and humans alike, wrapped around his finger, or toe! He definitely has only child syndrome. He loves the younger pups but running full bore at them is not getting him anywhere. He thinks sitting on them may help some!

Bunny Boots



We also decided that Boron needed a friend that was closer to his age. Bunny Boots just  joined us as Boron’s new buddy. She was born the same week as Boron and is just as full of energy and things to say as Boron. She came from a neighbor and is the grandaughter of the famous Lance Mackey dog, Zorro. She has 4 white feet and looks as if she is wearing Bunny Boots.


Bunny Boots and Boron



We have a new website up at . There is a page that has pictures of all of our dogs, young and old, with some fun facts about each dog. There are also lots of pictures and videos of our adventures over the past several years. Take a look around and tell us what you think. Is there anything we are missing?


We are looking forward to winter with more excitement than ever before! I have signed up to run the Iditarod and Cody will be signing up to run the Yukon Quest! Some people look forward to summers; we cannot wait for fall and winter. We are planning a short term move to Eureka, AK in September to help with cooler days, earlier snow and better four wheeler trails. We will be there for all of our early season training and then come back to Fairbanks when is gets close to racing season, around the end of December. Most of our dogs are up on the glaciers giving tours to visitors and keeping in shape. They will come back in late August or early September and will go straight to Eureka.


We are working triple hard this summer so that we can have a successful winter with just us and the dogs.

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