Squid Acres Kennel seek handlers to work full-time for the 2016-2017 racing season.

We operate a kennel of 50 racing/expedition huskies and are planning 2017 Yukon Quest and Iditarod teams as well as other mid-distance races and several spring expeditions. We will be living in remote camps from September through January and will be in the Fairbanks area during the racing season. Applicants must be comfortable living in a remote setting with little outside contact.



What we are looking for: Must be able to start by late September and the position will continue through March 2016. Could start as early as August. Must be hard working and able to work independently or with a team at all hours of the day in northern Alaskan conditions with a smile.

This person will be responsible for the daily chores of a competitive kennel training in a remote off grid camp. This is not a 9-5 position. This will include, but not be limited to: scooping poo, cutting and splitting firewood, stoking woodstoves around camp, cooking salmon, cutting meat, walking puppies, training dogs with ATV and sled, cutting trails with chainsaw, grooming trails with snowmachine,  general kennel/property maintenance and more depending on experience and interest. Mushing experience is preferred. May consider those that have not mushed if they have the right combination of wilderness/adventure experience and animal care experience.  Experience with cold weather a must.

Because we live off grid and a days travel from town for several months, skills and knowledge of vehicle maintenance, small engine repair and off grid power and communication equipment are highly desired. At the very least one needs a demonstrated ability to reason and problem solve.

What we offer: This position includes room and board and many amazing opportunities including mushing experiences, handling for some of the largest mushing races in Alaska, being part of a competitive race kennel, wilderness trips, and skill building opportunities. There may be opportunities for expansion into racing in the following season depending on how things go.

At our training camp you will live in a room in a cabin, heated by woodstove with limited off-grid power, sauna and satellite internet. Showers and laundry 30 miles away in Manley. During your time in Fairbanks, you will live in a yurt heated by woodstove with power and internet and a shower on site.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in this position. E-mail us your resume and letter or video explaining why you are interested and what you hope to gain from this experience.



What we are looking for: Someone who can independently watch over and maintain our property in Fairbanks and provide logistical support while we are training in remote locations from October through December and during races. The position will be to keep the “home fires burning” at our base in Fairbanks. Duties are to keep snow removed, keep local trails open with snowmachine and chainsaw. Person will assist with supply runs from town to our remote camp. This person will also be responsible for helping with race preparations such as picking up bulk dog food deliveries and cutting meat with industrial meat bandsaw. This person will not be responsible for training sled dogs, but may involve dog care. Position will be for a few hours a week (to be worked out with candidate) in exchange for housing.

What we offer: This position will include housing near Fairbanks where one can have a paying job or go to UAF. This is a good opportunity for someone who likes to be around sled dogs or would just like to learn more but cannot be a full-time handler. Opportunities may be possible for mushing experiences and handling for some of the largest mushing races in Alaska.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in this position. E-mail us your resume and letter or video explaining why you are interested and what you hope to gain from this experience.



What we are looking for: Starting immediately and continue through mid-September, this could go longer if  candidate is the right fit. Looking for someone to help with daily dog care in exchange for housing. We have a very comfortable yurt on the property. The schedule would be very relaxed, doing simple dog chores on a daily basis, scooping, feeding, watering, brushing and walking pups.. some general kennel cleaning and maintenance… allowing time for a normal paying job in the Fairbanks area.  Dog/animal care experience a must, you will be on own for periods of time. Mushing experience not necessary.  Send resume and 3 references to CONTACT US.