Powering our technology with HUMAN POWER thanks to Windstream Power LLC!!

September 16, 2013

  We’d like to thank our one of our newest sponsors Windstream Poweer LLC for coming on board with Squid Acres Kennel. They have generously set us up with one of their human power generators to help us keep our small 12 volt battery bank all charged up. We live off grid here in Eureka […]

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Skype in the Classroom

September 13, 2013

In recent blog entries we have mentioned our exciting new involvement in the Skype in the classroom program. Skype in the classroom is a FREE and easy way for teachers to open up their classroom. Meet new people, talk to experts, share ideas and create amazing learning experiences with other teachers and guest speakers from […]

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6 months and 1 day until go time! Cody is signed up for The Yukon Quest!

July 17, 2013

It’s official! Since the day Cody rolled into the Fairbanks finish line last winter he has been dreaming about getting back out there for another go at it. Last year Cody had a nice rookie run that we are proud of, despite the fact that he suffered a bad knee injury 2 days before the […]

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Dog Sponsorship for the Upcoming Season.

June 29, 2013

Today is the Iditarod Picnic and the first day of sign ups for the 2014 race. In our last post, Paige shared the news that she will be running the Iditarod again in 2014 as a tribute to our dog Dorado.  The first day of Iditarod signups is kind of like the start of the […]

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Summer trip to Eureka

June 21, 2013

“We spent a few days at our training camp in Eureka to get ready for the upcoming season and to hike and play with the dogs!” From Dog Days of Summer, posted by Squid Acres Kennel on 6/10/2013 (18 items) Everyone is happy for a change of scenery and to be back at camp! Gwinzii […]

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Iditarod update

June 10, 2013

We were dealt a pretty big blow at the end of this years’ Iditarod with the passing of our beloved dog, Dorado. But we are moving forward and hoping that his death will make changes to the Iditarod dropped dog program that will make things better for EVERY dog that is left at ANY checkpoint. […]

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Dorado’s legacy.. Working with ITC to make changes to dropped dog protocols.

March 20, 2013

As we have stated before there is nothing that can be done to bring Dorado back. We have made a commitment to make positive change with ITC for future races. We are pleased today with the following press release. Things are moving forward with ITC and positive change is on its way.   Posted by […]

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Visit to Unalakleet

March 13, 2013

Well I decided to head to Unalakleet (UNK) checkpoint to catch Paige as she ran though.  I arrived in time to watch all the front teams roll through. As a n aspiring Iditarod musher, it wasa great  experience  and chance to see how the front teams operate under extreme competition. I definitely learned some tricks […]

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Lucy Sponsored

March 8, 2013

Lucy would like to thank Anne Gourlay for sponsoring her. She may be retired, but she still has lots of spunk and helps train the young dogs. Lucy finished a couple Iditarods and Yukon Quests and has several offspring currently in Aaron Burmeister’s and Paige’s Iditarod  teams.   If you would like to sponsor a […]

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Iditarod 2013: Willow to McGrath: the word of Paige

March 7, 2013

I’ve been struggling to get caught up on the blog from the start to current position. Here at the house we have 30 dogs still running in harness, so I have been very busy between organizing the logistics of flights to and from Nome for us and the dogs, helping organize logistics with dropped dogs […]

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Kraken Sponsored by Homeroom 210, Kennedy Middle School, Springfield MA.

March 5, 2013

This past fall we were contacted by Nathan Orie a teacher at Kennedy Middle School in Springfield, MA. He asked if his homeroom class could help us raise money for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod. We said of course! The class was able to raise enough through little fundraiser activities to sponsor a team dog.. […]

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